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5 Generations of Southern Wisdom. That’s a lot of living.

The most important lessons in life have been around for generations. The stories change, the names are different, but the basic truths stay the same. And, Medora is here to share them with you. Full of passion, sass and Southern wisdom, Medora doesn’t necessarily make the rules, she just shares them – and reports the reality.

She comes from a long line of strong, insightful women, also named Medora, who knew how to build strong relationships and live rich, full and meaningful lives. But they didn’t do it alone. Each one had the support and wisdom of the Medora that came before her.

Now it’s your turn. Today’s 21st century Medora is an author, public speaker  and a relationship expert with a life full of experiences. She's here to share life’s simple truths – truths that will hopefully help you more easily navigate this oftentimes bewildering thing called "life".

And to assist you navigate the journey of life, Medora has written 2 books that help you organize information on all the important folks in your life so that you never miss an important occasion.  You'll be the "rock star" friend or family member - the one who always buys the right gift and remembers the important occasions of the ones you love and care about.

She is also the author of a series of books - "Medora's Simple TruthsTM" - which includes the following titles: How to Survive and Succeed in Life Without Being a Bitch or a Bully; Love: What It Is and How to Attract It.

And just to mix things up, she's also working on a cookbook - sort of a "best of" offering. So stay tuned - or better yet, go to her Facebook page and "like" her to receive notification of new releases.

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